Quality Towing Services in the East Bay

If you are a car owner living in the East Bay area, you might want to know more about the affordable but uncompromised quality towing services that Silverline Towing offers to all East Bay residents.

Silverline Towing and a network of independent tow truck operators provide premium towing solutions. We are a go-to towing company for all types of towing services imaginable, servicing all types of vehicles in the market. Available to all vehicle owners, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It only takes one phone call to our hotline before a tow truck driver is immediately dispatched to your location.

Since all of our tow truck drivers are required to abide fast arrival time policy at all costs, you don’t have to worry about late arrivals or not being serviced at all—here at Silverline Towing, no call waiting is absolutely guaranteed for any of our customers. 100% customer satisfaction is also at the core of our company’s mission and vision, so we work hard to make sure that every customer who calls us gets the best type of towing service he/she deserves.

Professional Services At Your Disposal

When you decide to avail of one of our towing services, we assure you that you’ll be assisted by professionals who are not only experts in the field, but also have tons of work experience to boast of. We have also been able to tow all types of vehicles over the years.

Here is a complete list of the towing services we offer to all car owners:

  • Light, medium and heavy duty towing
  • Local Towing
  • Long distance towing
  • Accident removal services/off-the-road services
  • Emergency towing services
  • Motorcycle towing services
  • Flatbed towing services
  • Tow by dolly
  • Wrecker services
  • Any type of towing service you might require
  • Special towing requests for your vehicle (to be discussed beforehand)

Call Us Now!

If you or anyone you know is in dire need of a towing service anywhere in the East Bay area, call us first! Our licensed, professional, and dedicated tow truck drivers will be able to reach you in thirty minutes or less.

Moreover, our 24/7 hotline is also open for free estimates or if you would like to know more about services. Our helpful phone operators welcome any comments, questions, suggestions, or concerns from our valued customers.

(510) 500-5665