Fast, Professional RV Towing Across The Hayward Area

Planning a vacation with your family, friends or solo? Have the ideal destination in mind but can’t face driving an RV yourself?
Trust Silverline Towing’s team of expert tow-truck drivers to transport your motorhome instead.
Our professionals take the hard work out of your vacation or road trip by driving your motorhome right to your site — with fast, safe service you can rely on.

All Types of RV Towing Services by Silverline Towing

At Silverline Towing, we pride ourselves on delivering service of the highest standard, every single time, no matter how big or small the vehicle we’re transporting. And our RV towing is no different.

You can expect a friendly, transparent service from the Silverline Towing team. Our drivers are trained and certified for dependable RV towing, catering to owners of:

  • RV motorhomes
  • RV trailers
  • 5th Wheel RV trailers
  • Travel Trailers

We tow motorhomes up to 34 feet long and trailers weighing up to 3.5 tons. Transporting such heavy-duty loads by yourself, without the proper training or equipment, can be a real challenge — not to mention unsafe.

But you can enjoy total peace of mind that Silverline Towing will keep your motorhome or trailer secure during transit. Our drivers perform thorough checks to identify any potential issues and make sure the cargo is fully-secured to their truck before setting off.

Want to know whether we’ll tow your RV or trailer? Just give us a call right now!

A Dedicated Towing Team Available 24 Hours a Day

Silverline Towing is committed to 24/7 availability for all jobs, for all customers. And that’s why we operate across the Hayward area round the clock — including weekends and holidays.

Why is this so important? Because you never know when you might need RV towing or travel trailer towing at the last minute.

Perhaps you have an early start planned for your trip but can no longer drive the RV yourself. Situations can change in moments, and you want to know you can call on a reliable team offering the ideal solution.

We’re here for you day, noon, or night. And that’s a promise.

Local Specialists with Unparalleled Knowledge and Skills

Silverline Towing invests in the latest training, the best equipment, and regular maintenance for all of our tow trucks. Your motorhome or trailer is in the safest hands from the moment our driver rigs it up, to the second they deliver it to its destination.

A key part of this safe, secure service is our drivers’ in-depth knowledge of the local area and its roads. We know how to avoid the worst traffic hotspots and navigate busy zones while towing a large RV or trailer.

Choosing the most efficient routes and the quickest shortcuts helps Silverline Towing keep our service fast.

Find RV Towing at a Cost You Can Afford in Hayward, CA

If you’re taking a vacation in your motorhome, there are plenty of costs to consider. Gas, food, drinks, toll charges, souvenirs, activities — all the things that help to make a trip memorable.

But that means you want to find an RV towing service at the right price. Which is where Silverline Towing’s competitive prices make such a massive impact.

We want to serve the entire community and deliver outstanding RV towing to everyone who needs it, regardless of budget. That’s why we strive to keep our prices as competitive as we possibly can, even on such a big job as towing motorhomes or trailers up to 3.5 tons in weight.

This is ideal for individuals, families, businesses, and organizations across the Hayward area. Our low rates leave you with extra money to spend elsewhere — and that means a lot when you’re hitting the open road for an adventure.

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